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Why work with us?

  • Over 25 years Subsea and Terrestial network experience in the telecommunications industry.
  • Multiple successful Subsea and Terrestrial network builds
  • We have built multiple effective and comitted operational teams across 3 continents

How can we help &
support you now?

We can advise and support you on how to achieve your ambitious and sustained telco growth plans.

We can work with you or we can provide a solution to achieve your business goals to include:

  • Network planning and augmentations
  • Complete network builds
  • Test and commissioning

How can we help &
support you in the future?

Following the execution phase of your growth plans we can provide ongoing practical support 24×7 to include:

  • Operational network support and scaling
  • Planned preventative maintenance solutions
  • Disaster recovery services

As part of any contracted services, you will receive regular performance and service level updates and support from your dedicated support manager.

About Bengaline

Diligently working with business partners to achieve their goals through innovative telecommunications solutions.


With over 25 years Subsea and Terrestrial network experience we can help you achieve your ambitious and sustained telco growth plans.

Infrastructure & Facility Builds

Our aim is to provide a seamless solution to your needs whether it is a full network build, partial build or network expansion.

PPM Services

As part of any PPM contracted services, you will receive performance updates and support from your dedicated support manager.

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