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About Bengaline


Diligently working with business partners to achieve their goals through innovative telecommunications solutions.


Integrity & Honesty
We are true to our word and always strive to do the right thing being totally respectful of others.

Never Delay
Always communicate proactively with whomever is trying to engage with you. Always address and set expectations.

Accountability & Results
We face challenges with optimism and vigor to deliver on our promises.

We Win Together
We are one team, unified in our purpose and mission to support our customers.

David Smith
Chief Executive Officer

“With almost 3 decades of building, commissioning and operating networks across multiple time zones, continents and countries, we truly understand the needs associated with delivering robust, reliable networks on time and on budget.

We understand the pressures on network leaders in managing a business and teams who have to be ready to handle multiple, concurrent ever-changing situations. Very often those changes or augmentations need to be balanced with efficiency and the need to maintain critical uptime and impact mitigation.

Partnering with Bengaline delivers a winning solution with a trusted personal touch.”

David Smith currently serves as Bengalines Chief Executive Officer. David is an accomplished, versatile and strategic thinker with over 25 years experience in the telecommunications industry. David’s forte is the delivery of long-term objectives and manoeuvring in difficult operational and market environments to execute on large projects with a solution-driven mentality focused on results and business priorities.

Prior to his current role David was the SVP Global Operations at Hibernia Networks. Prior to his role as SVP Global Operations, David held various roles with Hibernia Networks and was instrumental in the planning, implementation and management of Hibernia Networks terrestial and subsea network growth in the UK, Western Europe and North America. Previously David has held positions in 360 Atlantic and Telewest Communications.

Case Studies

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